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Why Do You Need a Real Estate Professional

Given the Proliferations of services that help Sellers complete their own transaction, you may have considered whether you should go it yourself instead of working with an agent. However, there is no substitute for an experienced professional, and taking on all the responsibility yourself could be costlier than an Agent's commission in the long run.

Beyond the price advantage of using an Agent, homes listed by real estate professionals get more exposure and their sellers get more support. Here are some other considerations:

- They're trained and licensed professionals.

- They have experience in your neighborhood and your market.

- They Have oversight from brokers and state licensing officials.

- Their job is to advise you on the best way to reach your goals.

- They know how to present your home and deal with buyers.

- They know how and where to market properties effectively.

- They know how to overcome typical snags that occur in real estate transactions and closings.

- They understand state-required disclosures and look out for your best interests.

- They understand personal safety and security for your belongings during showings.

- They have access to the most accurate and comprehensive data * the MLS, the only data repository that has the most up-to-date listing and sales information.

- They know how to negotiate.

- Their job is to make real estate transactions successful.

- Their continuing education keeps them up-to-date on housing issues.

With a real estate professional in your corner, you'll have a partner by your side to advocate for you and advise you through the entire home sale process.

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